Medical Interpreter

As a medical interpreter, it is our responsibility to clearly explain the communication between healthcare providers and patients word for word. When a patients is unable to speak the same language as a healthcare provider, then the ability to deliver quality healthcare becomes difficult. This can lead to miscommunication and ultimately to misdiagnosis, which can lead to wrong treatments. The job of the interpreter in a healthcare setting is to correctly interpret medical terminology, instructions and prescriptions accurately for a healthcare provider. It is also equally important to interpret questions, concerns and understandings precisely as a patients describes.

At the Maryland Interpreter Services, we comprehend what it takes convey clear communication between all parties involved. We understand the cultural differences that must be considered when two parties are communicating in different languages. Our medical interpreter will be 100% focused to make sure each message is understood. Additionally, it is important to know that specific words can vary for each language based on each country’s native language. For this reason we will clarify a specific word or phrase if a patient or healthcare provider is uncertain of a specific meaning.

When we provide our interpreting services, we want our clients to feel that their voice has been heard. At the Maryland Interpreter Services, we recognize that message is not about us. The message is about the patient as well as the healthcare provider and we are just the tool to make an important conversation successful. If at any point we feel that something conveyed has not been understood, then we will repeat ourselves to make sure that we have been properly heard.

Currently we provide medical interpreting for English, Portuguese and Spanish languages. To book an interpreter for your next healthcare visit, please fill out the form below and one of our associates will reach out to you shortly.

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